Monday, 24 October 2011

Getting Started...

    With getting married, returning to school full time, working part time, I feel like it is fairly obvious why I was not 100% keen on the idea of buying a "fixer upper" this Fall. However, after finding my dream home followed by some sticker shock, I realized that this might be the only way to have my cake & eat it too - after the excruciatingly long process of baking it of course. So, reluctantly I put some faith in Zach's vision and before I knew it I was smack dab in the middle of a renovation.

   We wanted to share the process with our friends & family, and since many of them want to watch from afar (I don't blame you, painting for 10 hours a day is not a good look for anyone) I decided whipping up a little reno blog might be fun.

   This is our journey of finding a home, putting all our energy, time and love into it and hopefully in the end turning it into our dream home.


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