Monday, 24 October 2011

Bringing our bathroom out of the dark ages

      When we first viewed the house every room was fairly daunting, but the one room that I absolutely could not stand was the main bathroom. The thought of showering in there made me cringe. So we wasted no time whipping it into shape, and by "we" of course I mean Zach and his brother Braeden. They did an amazing job, especially considering neither of them have ever done a bathroom gut before and this truly was a complete gut job. Below are just a few of our photos!

The original 1970s bathroom in all its wood paneling, sea shell sink, nappy laminate and 3 way mirrored medicine cabinet glory. Oh, and we can't forget the floral barker board to cap it all off. 

Helping Hands!

To save us the trouble of dry walling behind the cedar I opted to paint it white, which looks really great - I am so happy with the outcome. Our new vanity takes up way less space, and we swapped out the old laminate for vinyl tile. The new soaker tub is so fantastic,  and the acrylic tub surround has plenty of shelves for our shower junk. The guys added a little extra by tiling above the acrylic surround using a tile that pulls colors from the vanity, floor and sage wall color.

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