Tuesday, 22 November 2011

en-suite on schedule

     Originally we played around with the idea of transforming our master bedroom en-suite into a walk in closet, because after living with one for the past 3 years it was going to be hard for me to go cold turkey. That idea was trashed, and instead I was promised a Paxx wardrobe, or something of the like, to satisfy my need for organization ( yet to happen, sigh). I hate to admit it, but I think that Zach was right to want to keep the en-suite. It really does feel so much easier to get ready for the night when you can actually see your warm, cozy bed waiting for you. The real reason I was convinced though was the opportunity to de-clutter our main bathroom of all my personal bathroom junk so that our guests wouldn't have to trip over it all. I didn't think we'd get to the en-suite so soon but I am really glad we did & am happy with the progress!

 Before: The brick wall you're looking at is the backside of our living room fireplace, and we actually totally loved the idea that it is visible in our en-suite as an accent wall for texture, but hated the brick colors.

 Before: Yes, our sink is was shaped like a seashell, and while I do love nautical themes I just could not embrace this. I loved the idea of having a medicine cabinet to store some of our goodies, but once again this old one with the angled sides just was not working for me. Boring white walls combined with the harsh mirror made this feel super clinical for me. Yikes.

After: When in doubt, paint it white - this has definitely become my mantra lately. I took a cue from my cedar painting experience in the main bathroom and painted the brick "coconut pie" white. ( Actually my mother-in-law did the painting, and she did it so carefully too, like a total Virgo. Thanks Kate!) We painted the wall a light grey color, "silver charm" to compliment the darker grey in our bedroom. 

I know what some are thinking, why all the bathroom furniture? I actually chose to add more cabinetry in this bathroom in able to make the main bathroom more open and clutter free seeing as how this bathroom really was to be our my functional command center for getting ready in the morning, and the main bathroom more for our guests. We went with white pieces to make the already small space feel a bit more open. It looks a bit like there's a big white unpainted square on the wall, but rest assured that's just the reflection from the medicine cabinet mirror. And speaking of the medicine cabinet I am in love with the extra storage space & even opted to get the one with cute little baskets.

As for all that storage I've been yapping about, here are a few of the easiest ways that I added bathroom storage...
 I added some stick on hooks to the inside of my vanity to store my necklaces out of side, but still easily in reach & in a way that they won't get all tangled together. Out of sight & functional is probably my favorite type of storage solution.


I am still beaming over this purchase, I found this great jewelry storage box at Bed Bath and Beyond  and absolutely love how it keeps everything organized and out of sight. ( And if you're curious, yes, that is a seashell. This little guy came back with Zach & I from our first out of the Country trip together to Mexico. Apparently I can handle shells as shelf decor, just not as sinks. )

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