Monday, 28 November 2011

First Impressions Count

   Though our foyer is not anywhere near grand yet, I am feeling really positive about how far it has come. Sometimes when I look at these photos I am amazed that Zach was able to convince me to sink my teeth into this house project. Since they say first impressions are everything we really wanted the entrance to our home to be welcoming. I have a few more projects that I would like to tackle here in the foyer but here is some progress
The original owner had not replaced anything in the past 30 years, not even a light fixture. Check that baby out, yikes. The grey carpet was anything but welcoming, and the cast iron banister was a definite throw back to the 70s. This shot doesn't really capture the true hideousness of the flooring which was a hot tangerine mess.

So we ripped that cast iron sucker out and lived in a hazard zone for a few weeks. The tangerine flooring was still on the stairs at this point, but we'd managed to lay down some cream colored tile flooring in the main entrance area. 

Progress: We brought the banister back up to code, making it much taller than the original cast iron one. The wood banister is much softer and even though it caused a lot of headaches to build it was really worth it. We snagged a great new light fixture that casts tons of warm light, and helps draw the "Tuscan beige" walls to attention.

I am really aching to replace those doors, but think that is going to be a job for a warmer season. No doors in December for any amount of time sounds like no fun. I am focusing my attention on the closet in the foyer over the next few days and plan to jazz this space up a bit with some personal touches. Hopefully there will be an update by the end of the week!

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