Saturday, 26 November 2011

"The Weather Outside is Frightful..."

"But the fire is so delightful"..., okay well maybe just the fireplace is delightful. The fact that our new house has two wood burning fire places is definitely a plus. The fact that the one in the living room was a harsh reddish orange brick color was a minus. And with a few days to spare until the beginning of December the fireplace is looking great and giving off that cozy vibe we were hoping for.

 Before: Here is the original fireplace, definitely not the "beachy Hamptons" feel that we're aiming for.
The golden fire place accessories, complete with decorative duck heads on the top of each one were banished to the basement. Who knows, they may resurface when we get around to our "masculine basement lodge" reno. 

 progress... oops, we accidentally broke off a few of the slate tiles when we pulled out the carpet. Nothing some grout can't fix though...
almost there...

  After! let the hot cider drinking and winter coziness begin. We picked up this mantel insert for only $35 bucks at the Restore, a total steal. An hour's work, some PL Premium and two concrete screws gave us this warm edition to the fireplace.

A little homemade Christmas mantel decoration really seals the deal. Let the Christmas cheer commence!

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