Friday, 2 December 2011

Come Stay A While

       I personally love having guests come and stay with us so I always try my best to create a little "home away from home" for them. Unfortunately for the past 3 years in our town house our office had to double as our guest room, BUT now that we have 3 fantastic bedrooms in the upstairs of our new house we get to dedicate one solely to being the guest room! Exciting stuff, especially for the people staying with us who no longer have to sleep on our very "college dorm" like futon. The futon is no longer ( okay truthfully, it is in our basement waiting reassignment). At the furniture shopping portion of our guest room makeover Zach was feeling a bit tired of assembling cheap German furniture, so we decided to take our search to Wholesale Furniture Brokers, where we snapped up a queen sized wood bed frame & a sweet little memory foam mattress taboot. Our guest room is still feeling a bit empty, and has some more work to be done ( art projects and such) but here's some progress.

But before the progress lets check out the starting point...

 I had mentioned before that some of our before photos have the previous owner's furniture in them, this is one of those photos. Yikes.

        Kids paraphernalia gone and the room seems a little less daunting, but only a little. The strange light fixtures kept us guessing from room to room. The carpet was one of those soft spongy blue and green types. A friend likened it to fish tank algae, and I definitely think she hit the nail on the head with that one.


     We swapped out the "It's a boy" blue walls for a calm cream color (Abalone Shell), the photograph unfortunately doesn't really pick up the color very well and makes it look more beige than it is in real life (Guess you'll have to visit us to get the real deal). We replaced the hideous plastic blue blinds with our faux wood white blinds that I really love. I still need to give the window treatments a bit of love, but it is a pretty good improvement I'd say.  

    I've been aching for a white sheep skin rug for a while now, and realized the other day that we do have a sheep skin rug, only it is in brown. Fortunately for us it went with the current bedspread, so we threw it in there to keep our guests' toes warm this winter.  (Check it out in photo one) 

    I knew that I wanted a vintage fairy tale inspired gallery wall somewhere in our house, and for the moment this room needed something fun on the wall space, so voila! The majority of the prints are from Alice and Wonderland, and two are from Little Red Riding Hood. And the "A"? Anderson, Alice, Awesome? Really it is up for interpretation, I just wanted to break up the photos with something bold. 

   I like to leave some magazines out for my guests, because we've all been there when you wake up before your host and feel a wee bit awkward crashing through their home. Tonight my parents are staying with us, and I know my dad has a sweet tooth so I threw in a candy dish for him. And a little album of our wedding photos just because. Top it off with some fresh towels and you're ready for some guests. 

 Even though I am pretty happy with the progress in here I am looking forward to changing it up a bit and tying it all together with a more cohesive design.

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