Thursday, 8 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

     One of my personal favourite things about christmas decorating is putting up the christmas tree. I especially love the way that everyone's tree is individual. Instead of just posting our christmas tree I asked my mom and good friend to send me some photos of their trees for this post. The best part about christmas trees is that everyone does them differently. 

First is my parent's tree. I love the combinations of texture on their tree with the addition of bows. Ditching tacky garland for rich ribbon, and sticking with a warm cohesive theme makes my parent's tree feel luxurious.

 I l-l-love the delicate laser cut ornament, adding a few one of kind ornaments to the tree really adds a personal feel. 

I was really excited to receive this next tree photo. It comes from my life long friend, Ashley who lives in the city.  She has an amazing eye for design and her home is fabulously decorated and organized with clean lines, and a minimalist approach. 

    Ashley's tree is so uniquely perfect for her home that I just couldn't stop gushing about it after receiving this photo. I love the way her tree defies tradition but still feels warm and not too modern. Her cream and silver theme looks fresh and crisp. I am in tree love. You can keep up with Ashley on her twitter account here,!/AshleyLNSmith.

   Finally, is our tree! This year our theme was red, white & silver. I took cues from my mom in replacing the garland with ribbon and mixing up the textures of ornaments. When decorating our tree we try to keep a theme in mind, but of course I do think it is important to have a few special ornaments that serve as reminders to your of where you've been during years past. 

   I love my ceramic angel ornament, I received it as a gift last christmas after mentioning to my mom that I loved the detail of them. They are made by a local potter that we carry at the art gallery store where I work.  We also have a few ornaments that we like to think of as "whimsical" with fun patterns and a couple punches of that bright green we're so fond of. 

Thanks to my parents & friend Ashley for sending me all the tree love!

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