Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Silhouette Who?

     The one problem with always doing renovations is that you end up having some pretty brazen wall spaces because it feels like art projects should come secondary to the bigger projects ( like running water in the bathroom perhaps?) But sometimes I get a little crazy with all the blank blah spaces we have right now and need to commission an art project. So that is exactly what we did.

    We decided to jazz up the hallway since it is a high traffic area in our house and is completely boring!

     I've been loving silhouette art lately, it is so easy to create and cheap. Plus, it doesn't get much more personal than having your own silhouette made into art. We started out by taking photos of our facial silhouettes, putting them on the computer & tracing the outline....

We traced and refined a bit & then cut...

Next step was to trace the silhouettes onto some black card stock, and cut once more...

We scrounged up some black frames & popped the silhouettes in to get the final product. 

I think our little family looks pretty good in silhouettes!  Yes, that is a replica of our cat since clearly we didn't even attempt a real photo shoot with the little orange lady. So with a stand in for Madelyn our family trio is complete. 

Like most of our projects lately it isn't the end but certainly a good step in the right direction to a less blah, boring & traditional space. There is light at the end of the hallway  tunnel! 

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