Thursday, 15 December 2011

Welcome Home Countertops!

   They're here and they're fabulous! Yesterday was shaping up to be a pretty awful day, I had a brain wracking exam that I was feeling underprepared for and upon leaving the exam I found a very unwelcome parking ticket waiting for me. BUT then I came home to my new countertops being installed and I felt better instantly!

    We've been using the kitchen's old countertops on top of our new cabinets for the past month and while functional, it was definitely an eye sore. To me those dingy old countertops were an everyday reminder that we had taken on a huge project and that we might be over our heads. Not a good feeling to have while making your morning coffee.

   Here's some before countertop photos with the old laminate as a stand in. Because we added a lot more base cabinets the old countertops fell a bit short. I am definitely keeping it real in these photos, I didn't even bother to clean up before snapping these. We were in the middle of the chaotic shuffling of items in order to make room for the new beauties, it was less than pretty.

I am still deeply disturbed by the rough unpainted area where the old backsplash once was, but Zach has reminded me multiple times that since we are planning to tile in a backsplash asap I'd be wasting useful man hours by sanding and painting this area. It's hard for me to ignore - tiles better go up quick! 

And here is some progress now that the countertops are on! We're only a few small projects away from having our kitchen finit-o, which makes me one happy girl.

   We're so glad that they're in and looking great. We went with a privately owned local business for the countertops because they were able to undercut places like Home Depot and Rona by a significant amount. We opted for a dark laminate ("luna moon") and hopefully maybe one day we'll be able to make the leap to granite, but for now it just wasn't feasible. Also, we had our island top extended so that we could have a seating area there. 

   I'd be living in a fairy tale world if I thought we were going to get the backsplash tiled before christmas, but a person can hope! We still have a few things to sort out with the cabinets, and our faux wood blinds need to be trimmed and put back up, BUT we're soooo close to the finish line and it feels great. 

What a day! We're pooped, and we're not the only ones...

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