Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hitting a Wall

  Zach is back at work, and my life has been looking a lot like this lately....

Combined with a little bit of this...

   So needless to say we've been having a hard time dedicating our very rare free time to working on the house. It is kind of disheartening to have been on such a roll and now to have hit a wall so to speak, but a trip to Home Depot the other day got us all jazzed up again. So jazzed up, that I launched us into another painting project with a hastily chosen & kind of wild ( for us ) colour! We've been putting off mounting the cabinetry in the laundry room because I wanted to paint the big wall first. So while in Home Depot we grabbed some bright paint chips, rushed home and checked them out, picked a winner and then hurried back to the depot and bought a gallon!

The victor? Well it was....

   Tuscan Teal (Behr)! We wanted a bright and fun accent wall since the basement is already dark and sort of dingy.  So after paint, here is an idea of what the wall currently looks like! I was so enthused about the change that I didn't even bother cleaning up the carnage before snapping some photos.

  This meant we could mount the cabinets and I could finally finish painting them (I am a weirdo and prefer to paint them while they are mounted, I find that on the drop cloth they still manage to get dirty and gross). So we went to mount them and this is when we hit the wall, literally.

  This wall is the concrete foundation, and when we unknowingly drilled into it our drywall cracked! Fantastic. So this means that instead of having studs like an interior wall it only has strappings to support the dry wall. So in short, after researching some of our options it looks like no cabinets for this wall. Which really sucks because this is the biggest wall in the laundry room and it is the most out of the way of the entrance. So we're left with 3 other walls, 1 of which contains all the water lines for the house so it is a no go. Option number two, the third wall has a huge window, which is lovely for light but definitely ensures no cabinetry on that wall. So, really we have one other option, and it sucks. The fourth and final wall is short and also is right near the laundry room entrance. It also is the wall that we may assess later when we look at turning the large shop room into a fourth bedroom.

 We're leaning towards mounting them on the troublesome fourth wall because, well we have no other options and because scrapping the cabinet idea all together is way too defeating to think about after all that scrubbing, sanding, priming and painting we did. This weekend we are planning to execute operation "Roll with the Punches", because really what else do you do when a concrete wall thwarts your lofty laundry room dreams?

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