Friday, 13 January 2012

Spooky Stairs

   Okay, so my title is a pretty lame Friday the 13th reference attempt...moving on...

    Even though we still find ourselves talking about Jamaica and wishing we were there, we have come back to reality and have started working on the house again. The stairs in our house are a major eye sore, so they seemed like a good launching off point for our post holiday work schedule. Since we pulled up all the carpet and plastic linoleum on the stairs they have been bare plywood. In the scheme of things the ugliness factor was pushed aside because they were still effective, unlike some areas of the house that needed more immediate attention. I am happy to say that we are past the "just make it work!" stage on the first floor and are now entering the "can we please stop looking that this hideous mess now?" stage.

Enter hideous mess...

 When this is what greats you every time you walk in the front door, it gets a little tough to be uber positive about your home. The raw plywood seemed to hold onto dirt like no surface I have ever experienced before. It could be my imagination but it also seemed to attract dirt, dust and cat hair like a magnet.

   So, we measured and cut our laminate flooring to fit the stair landings and also the back of the stairs. We were able to lay the laminate on top of some underlay on the landing part of the stairs, but the back part of each stair required some PL premium.

     We had purchased solid maple caps from Home Depot, you can purchase them in long strips which allows you to cut them down to the right size when doing your project. Fortunately, we stained the caps long before Christmas so they were ready for us. These little bad boys stole the show, they were a total Houdini in this stair project. They rounded out the rough exposed edge of the stairs that have been known around here to be tripping hazards (we're clumsy!)

    This project looks small, but ended up being a bit of an undertaking for us. I think mostly because it was a learning curve, and we were extra tedious in our measuring and cutting. But it is probably best that we get it down to a science because we have about 10 stairs to do that lead into the dungeon basement.

  So there are a few rough areas, and this is why. On the top lip we realized late that we needed a bigger cap for this part that we currently do not have, and since we subscribe to the school of "do home projects in our pyjamas" we both voted NO to going to Home Depot tonight. Also, we have to cut some really small cuts of our laminate to cover up a strip of the stairs that wasn't quite covered by the caps and shows off some white paint carnage.  And, we have some filling to do around the base of the stairs around the vinyl tile to hide the gaps, which are also acting as dirt traps.

  Overall, a good start to our "lets make it look nice" portion of the upstairs renos. I am really hoping to have this project completely done by the end of the weekend so I can start Monday off right when I come home from class to beautifully clean stairs.

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