Saturday, 7 January 2012

What's in store for 2012

 While we were here...

Doing this....

...our house projects have been sitting idle. 

Fortunately though, we have had lots of time to sit back and relax and talk about our house goals for 2012.  So here they are, things that we have to do look forward to this year...

1. Back yard over haul. We already have a vision, and in the Spring are planning on transforming our depressing backyard into a beautiful space for us to enjoy during our hot interior summers. Our plans involve top soil, grass seed, gardens, allan block walls, a mini excavator and a bob cat. Fun! 

2. Finish our kitchen. This goal is so close to being accomplished we can almost already taste satisfaction. We have a few finishing touches to add to our kitchen this year before it feels complete. But unlike the other projects on the list, this one is about 90% done already. We couldn't resist adding an easy goal to the list!

3. Jack the back deck up & add stairs.  Our back yard deck is great because it is large, but the greatness starts and stops there. It currently has a nasty slope to it from years of settling, and we are looking forward to  getting that rectified. Also, we really want to build a stair case from the deck to the backyard space for obvious convenience. 

4. New siding.  In a perfect world we would get around to re-siding the front of our house, funds permitting. However after the backyard & the deck we are going to reassess this goal. It would be really great to get ride of the old wood siding because it is really beginning to show its age. Maybe some TLC and paint would suffice? 

5. Begin on the man cave. Our basement is terrifying right now, probably just because it is the place that we have been stashing all of our junk that we are tired of looking at, don't know how to deal with, or projects that we are working on. We have a lot of space down there (1200 sqft) that is not being used to its full potential and that drives us a bit crazy. This year might just involve a storage assessment, some paint, new french doors ( I'd like to sneak this one in, pretttttty please) and new carpet. 

And we thought 2011 was a crazy year for us. I'll see your 2011 and raise you a 2012. 

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