Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hung like a Cabinet

  We did it! They're hung and they're looking right at home down there in our laundry room! It was a disaster zone this weekend, and not going to lie it is still pretty scary down there since we sort of just pushed everything to one side of the room. BUT c'est la vie, which around here is basically french for "oh well, one disaster at a time."

Look at those uggos awaiting reassignment. I had mentioned before that I felt a strong preference towards completing most of my cabinet painting after they were mounted on the wall. I recognize that this seems totally backwards, but I honestly found it much cleaner and easier this way. So before they went up they were looking pretty dingy, sort of like they did in the original kitchen. oh memory lane.

It took some grumbling, but after some hefting, heaving, holding and hoping the bones were up! (The light & my amateur camera skills are playing some tricks here & are completely altering the wall colour. So if anyone's wondering the most accurate colour depiction is the last picture of this post.)

BAM. So obviously we aren't 100 percent finished yet, but we are just so glad to have the cabinets up off the floor and out of the way. We're still working on painting the "folding station" and because of that we haven't attached the cabinet doors yet. We are going to do some sanding & paint touch ups on the cabinets before we put our new hardware on.

This is a classic case of our "let's just get on this already and make it pretty later!" mantra. Even though I must admit it is off to a pretty good start.

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  1. It looks amazing you guys! I'm surprised by how great the cabinets look, just by painting them.


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