Thursday, 23 February 2012

A remodel for Mady

I was doing my regular blog troll yesterday morning, keeping up with what great things everyone is doing to their homes out there and then I found an idea that was too good not to copy. My friend Krystal writes a blog all things pets and I love it. I am a bit crazy about my cat (cat lady transformation underway) and I love checking out what other pet owners are doing for their furry friends. So it was this post about litter boxes that got me all inspired yesterday. ( yes. litter boxes.)

I adored the sweet and practical ways to conceal litter boxes, which lets face it, are nastytown. I checked the link she provided and seen that these bad boys would set me back $100-$200! And while I love Madelyn, our bathroom reno was leaving me feeling a bit cheap and so her bathroom reno would have to wait. Unless... and then we seen it, our "folding station". It is the old "island" from upstairs that we've moved into our laundry room, and whaddya know, we aren't storing anything inside of it yet. Naturally, an idea was born.

Here is the "folding station" before it became Madelyn's deluxe bathroom suite. 

We needed a way to be able to get the litter box in and out so that we can keep it clean and the cupboards from the front had a tricky divider that would make it such a chore to manoeuvre the box. So we measured & cut a fair sized hole in the side of the island that we planned to cover with a cabinet door, seeing as how we still had some left over from the old kitchen cabinets. This way we could conceal the litter box, but still be able to get it in and out with relative ease. 

I primed a cabinet door, and then Zach had great foresight and suggested that we cut the cat "door" before I painted so that I could blend the paint seamlessly into the door edges. So we traced the door template from her litter box. 

Best way to paint a cabinet door ever. When there is a huge hole in the centre of your door you can prop it up so that you don't have to do the old paint one side, wait, paint the other side, wait. You can do both sides in one shot. 

The next day (note the great haircut that occurred last night while the cabinet dried. Thank you Katy!) we attached the door! 

Operation conceal the gross-o litter box was a success we think. We're leaving the door open for a few days while Mady gets use to the bathroom relocation, and hope that she'll appreciate the extra privacy soon. It is not as gorgeous as the ones we seen in Krystal's post, but we are pretty happy with it, especially because it cost us approx. $2.00 to make since we had to buy some hinges. 

Now when I look at where Madelyn's litter box use to be downstairs in the wide open I feel a bit ashamed for having kept it so public for so long, but I also feel a little bit like this when I look at its absence. 

oh yeah, you know I am doing that victory dance right now. 

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  1. I LOVE IT!! I think everyone needs one of these.


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