Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A life post

A few days have past since V-day, but some goodies have stuck around. We usually don't exchange gifts on Valentine's day, we generally like to set aside the day to do something fun & different. Some of our V-day excursions have included a hiking trip to Wells Gray and a voyage to the Harrison hot springs. But this year we weren't going to be able to go anywhere, and as the day crept up we both secretly went shopping. 

Here's what V-day left us with...

Zach got a stove top espresso maker. He's been eyeing them for a while and dropping some pretty major hints. So I picked this one up from Homesense, and it has been used every day since valentines day. We have a lot more caffeine driven energy around here. The day also brought him some sweet chocolate treats, but those didn't last long enough to be photographed. 

Valentines day brought me some gorg. white lilies, which are just starting to bloom and smell great. Few things can beat fresh flowers, they make me smile every morning when I walk into the kitchen. 

and because my husband is amazing, he also took a sneaky look at my favourites on Etsy and gave me this adorable Lolajeans passport cover that I have been wanting. It is so practical and perfect for me because I am a horrible traveller due to the fact that I feel very disorganized. 

And Mady? Cupid didn't forget her. We gave her a "Pawbreaker" that we snagged from Pet Cetera. It is the second one we have ever gotten her, and she loves them. It goes missing within a few days and we aren't sure if she's lost it or is hiding it for safe keeping. 

We want to introduce some "life posts" every once and a while because surprisingly we do do other things than just renovate. Shocking right? Hope every else had a great Valentine's day, whatever the day means to you & yours. 

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