Monday, 13 February 2012

Lighting the way

 The common cold has been trying to bring me down lately, so I have been feeling a little bit lazy but our newest project has brought some of my energy and enthusiasm back (or maybe it was all that nyquil, and echinacea?) Regardless. This is what we're up to this week...

 Our living room, despite our new open concept remodel, is a sad dark space because currently we're relying on the lights in the kitchen and dining area to do all the work for the space. The previous owners must have relied pretty heavily on lamps, because I can't imagine how dark it must have been before without the help from the kitchen lights. BUT we aren't lamp people. Just never liked them. No I am kidding, we're fine with lamps. But we like pot lights better. So when we seen this box of 6 at the Restore for a cool $45 dollars, a light bulb went off (so to speak). 

We mapped out where we want them to go prior to our electrician coming over, and by our electrician I really mean one of Zach's best friends who has completely transformed all of our lighting on the time he should be spending away from work & electricity. #wehavegreatfriends. By roughly deciding where we want them ahead of time we waste less of his time when we comes over to wire them in. And if we didn't have a friend-trician and were paying an electrician by the hour, not wasting any time would definitely be in our best interest. 

So we only mapped out 4 lights here because we are trying to decide if 6 would be over kill in this relatively small space, and also we are thinking that we want to put the other two above our kitchen island. We also threw around the idea of scraping the ceiling and ridding it of its popcorn textured shame, but ultimately we decided that would be a back burner project because there is so many other things to get around to first. Plus, I have heard the horror stories.

Oh and Madelyn supports our move to recessed lighting, she even gave me a hand snapping some photos of our painters tape Xs. Naturally when someone lays on the floor, it is for her comfort and lounging benefit. 


  1. Not only do I love the progress on the house, but gotta give dibs to Mady too, she's such a character!

    1. Mady is a total character, we love her crazy antics!


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