Wednesday, 15 February 2012

lights, snail trail, action!

 Remember our cool $45 pot light find from our last post? Well turns out in order to install them into our insulated ceiling we required insulation boxes for each pot light. They look something  exactly like this...

And cost $15 bucks a piece, and we needed 6. So while we are still coming out ahead on our recessed lighting project than we would be if we paid full price for the lights, our expected costs went up. But with that said, we both agree that we'd rather our budget go up in flames than our house - which is what could potentially happen if we didn't properly insulate the lights in our attic. After purchasing the boxes at Home Depot, we got started on the two pot lights above the kitchen island. 

Zach drilled the holes, rather enthusiastically I might add. He used our hole saw to make two 3.5 inch holes as per the lighting box instructions. 

The 3.5 inch holes were perfect because we were able to push the lights up into them relatively snuggly but without having to force them. Our friend-trician (friend + electrician) was up in the attic wiring everything & making sure it was all safe and up to code. 


Wait. You're distracted by the snail trail on our ceiling aren't you? Us too.We haven't introduced the loathed snail trail to the blog yet because honestly, it is a daily contention around here. When we knocked down a bunch of walls it left us with the tedious job of drywalling the roof, and then trying to match the texture to the surrounding ceiling. Turns out we weren't able to get to the blending as soon as we'd like. However in the ceiling's defence, in person it is slightly less crazy ugly than it is in photographs. I swear. Still, we aren't proud of it and now that our pot lights are in we think it is time to do something about it so those lights can really shine. 

But, back to the recessed lights. We love 'em. They throw a ton of light onto the island, which is a beautiful thing because we do a lot of our blogging, reading, homework, etc at the isle de Anderson. It is generally more common for people to have neat-o hanging lights above their islands but we decided that wasn't best for us because of the close proximity of our island to our living room. Having hanging lights for us would really increase the awkwardness of the flow from kitchen to living space. Two down, four to go! 

PS: Zach just busted out the Poly Stipple, and with a quick tips session from youtube he is up on the step stool stippling away at the "snail trail". Guess seeing it in those photos was too much for him, whatever the reason I am glad to see it slowly disappearing. More updates on that soon! 

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