Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Stipple Files

A few posts ago we revealed our embarrassing mismatching ceiling to blog land. It lit a fire under our butts to get on that. We hummed and hawed about scraping the textured ceilings and decided that while we want to do it one day, we have so much on our plates right now that it would have to wait. I have heard that it is a huge job and a toughy at that, so I had few problems putting it off until a later date. But that meant we would have to match the non-stippled areas ( where we knocked down 4 walls) to the stippled areas around it. Not easy peasy. 

But, in our defence we had tried many things prior to the photo of the pot lights being taken. 

Originally we tried canned "Popcorn Texture" spray because it looked like the easiest, and cleanest option. The opposite happened, it created a huge mess. It was really difficult to aim and seemed to go where ever it pleased.  It was not cutting it. 

Then we decided to try a textured roller, sort of like a "stucco roller" but ours didn't specify that it was for "stucco" (it has since gone in the trash in a moment of frustration, hence no photo. oops.). The packaging on our brush simply stated that it was for "adding texture". So we whipped up some of our Polystipple, and tried the brush. It added texture, but it was really sparse and even after a few coats remained quite sparse. 

By this point we had made a hot mess of our ceiling, and that is the point that it had been revealed to the world via our blog, affectionally named "the snail trail". After the post went up we turned to youtube as we often do, and found a new method...

...a plastic bag rolled in the middle with masking tape. And you know what? It totally worked for us. You roll a small plastic bag so that a little "poof" is created on one end, this is going to be the part you dip into the stipple and dab onto the ceiling. 

Me and the snail trail got real personal that night as I said my farewells, dabbing away with my homemade plastic bag stipple "brush". We still have one more coat of paint to apply before it is fully gone from our lives, or so we hope. So I think we will save the "before/after" for this one until it is fully completed. 

And of course we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves spending relative amounts of mula on spray cans, and brushes when in the end we used an old bag and some tape to get the right look. Sacre bleu, home improvement can be a cruel mistress sometimes. 

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