Sunday, 19 February 2012

They're in!

Living room pot lights are in after a marathon installation session. Even with the yucko popcorn ceiling they look right at home. Some home projects fail to have that satisfying immediate impact on you, but this pot light project does not fit into that category. Like the ones above the island, we're totally smitten. 

Zach was glad to be back at it with his hole saw after we measured everything out. 

Here is one of those $15 insulation boxes that we had to buy to keep our lighting safe up in the attic.

With all our holes cut and someone in the attic and someone down below the lights just had to be pushed into place, wired in and secured. 

This photo cracks me up. Not only because Zach is wearing one of our hilarious suits, we use these when we're doing dirty projects and want to remain relatively clean (or sometimes we just put them on for giggles) but also I love that you can see Madelyn down by the front door peeping up at the progress. She is getting more and more comfortable with us crashing, banging and sawing as time goes on, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to be apart of this one. 

They're in, they work and we love 'em. It really is the small things around here that get us pumped up. 


  1. They look awesome! If only we could have something like this in our dark living room popcorn ceiling.

    1. Thanks Krystal! I would say they were really easy to install, but all I really did was hold the camera the whole time haha.


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