Thursday, 2 February 2012

We caught the optimism bug

  Sometimes it seems like all we really post about is the things that we don't like about our house and how we're plotting to change them. I think it is time we take a cue from this little lady  and get on the optimism train. So move over Jessica, we're coming on board!

We like our dirty garbage can? No silly. We like our recycling bin! In our old house we had to drive our recyclables down to the city recycling bins. And let me just tell you a thing or two about the city's recycling bins, not only are they super out of the way of any prime location that we frequent, but they are also always jam packed, AND usually there is someone down there rooting threw them which can get a bit awkward. SO, having our own recycling bin right in our carport that gets picked up and emptied once a week is a thing of beauty. No more loading the car, out of the way driving, crammed bins or awkward "How do you dos?" with bin groupies. 

We like our guest room! It has been really great having a room that doesn't double as an office for our family and friends to stay in. In our old house our guests had to endure a night on a hideous Jysk futon. ouch. We really do love our friends & fam though, so this time around we went out and bought you guys a memory foam queen mattress and bed frame. We love that we can have comfortable guests. 

We like our compost! Okay, admittedly Zach likes our compost a bit more than I do, and it is no wonder why, his parents are composting geniuses and could definitely teach us all a thing our two about the ins and outs of composting. You can learn more about that & them here. So, it only makes sense that I let him spill why we love this black beauty....  I love reducing/repurposing waste that otherwise would have wound up in our trash can. This compost serves double duty as it will also serve to catapult my vegetable garden into awesomeness this spring. We will keep you posted on its development.

I bet you're having a "what the heck?" moment, but bear with me, an explanation is required. We like our neighbours!  But we couldn't just waltz on over and start snapping photos of them. When we first moved in and were spending 10 hours a day renovating our lovely neighbour came to introduce herself, and came bearing an amazing pumpkin loaf! It was such a sweet gesture, and I was so astounded that people for reals still brought baking to the new neighbours! I thought this was a thing of myths. Anyways, we live beside "those" people, and we really think they are great!  

 Like Jessica, we also like our whole house. It's a bit rough around the edges, but it's ours.

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