Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Motivated Monday

 Sometimes you need an outside perspective to light a fire under you and motivate you to complete a long procrastinated project. That's what happened on Monday. My Dad was visiting and commented, as he usually does, on how our cabinet "kick plates" weren't in. ( That's what we've been calling them, not sure if that's correct. It's basically just the trim piece to go under your cabinets ) So with his help we decided that Monday was a good day as any to finally put the ridicule behind us and just get it done. 

This is how we've been living with our cabinets, and admittedly it hasn't been the best set up because a lot of stuff falls and creeps under there, not to mention it was a black hole for many cat toys. 

The process was relatively simple. We attached these clamps onto the trim pieces making sure that they would line up with the legs underneath the cabinets, and then you pushed back until they snapped into place. Of course there was some measuring and cutting of the trim along the way. 

Nothing like a Father-in-Law to get you moving on your house projects. 

But we also had this large gap between our cabinets that we had to jimmy a blind for. Fortunately we had some of the kitchen blinds leftover that were meant to go on the ends of the cabinets to hide the screws. 

So we chopped one of those down to size.

Then attached it with our borrowed nail gun. 

Hard to believe we had been staring at it like that for a few months now when the solution really was so simple. 

So here is what our kitchen is looking like today, it has come such a far way from the beginning. We eliminated the black holes and dirt catch alls, and I was really pleased with how much of a difference it made. The kitchen looks less in progress and more complete now. We love when my Dad comes to visit because it usually means we'll get a project done with some enthusiastic help. 

And some visitors were just here for morale and to check out Madelyn's toys...

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  1. Amazing what a little kick plate action can do. Looks great. I imagine sweeping is easier now too :-)


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