Sunday, 18 March 2012

A place to hang our hat

Remember forever ago when we started our entry way closet makeover? Well it is 95.3 % done ( you like that precision?) We are missing one piece of trim, and two home made shoe cubbies. Though admittedly the homemade shoe cubbies will probably become lovingly purchased Homesense baskets soon because we are itching to move onto other projects. 

On Wednesday I reunited with an old friend...

and it felt so terrible. I have such a love hate relationship with my sewing machine and sewing in general. Love because it makes any sewing projects 100 times more efficient than hand sewing and because it allows me to make custom items. Hate because I am horrible at operating the thing and always feel great anxiety like I am in over my head. Either way, love or hate, I pulled it out on Wednesday so that I could sew a cover for the 2" foam that we purchased and had cut to the custom size of our bench. 

We bought some sale fabric from Fabricland for only $7.50 a yard, which was perfect for us because I didn't want to buy the $30 a yard fabric and then completely ruin it with my inability to sew. The foam we actually purchased at Surplus Herby's in their "foam shop", it was much cheaper than the prices at Fabricland and ideal because they custom cut it to any size for you. Our bench is 48" x 29", an odd ball shape. After taxes the foam ended up costing us $39.20. 

I didn't take many photos because to be honest I was so anxious about the whole process that I didn't really want it documented incase it turned out to be a big fail. I read some tutorials online, there was a lot of different ones to suit different skill levels. I didn't really follow one in general, but combined a couple. In the end I made a cover that would be best described as a slip cover because we wanted to be able to take it off to wash it if need be. 

There is our final product! I am pretty pleased with it, especially considering that I haven't taken my sewing machine out in at least 2 years. My only issue with it is that it is not as "taunt" as I would've liked  so it does wrinkle a little bit. But I'll take it! 

 So here is what our closet looks like now. It is so hard to get a good front on shot of the whole thing because of the limited space down in the foyer, so I do apologize for the strange angles but you get the jysk. We are really glad that we took this project on, our foyer feels bigger and brighter as a result. Here is the infamous before shot of the closet....

Improvement-city right? 
Incase you're curious here is the project cost breakdown ( estimates, some receipts were lost):

plywood: $34.99 
Trim: $67
Wainscotting: $10
Hooks: $24
Fabric: $25.20
Foam: $39.20
Paint: already owned
2 x 4s: already owned

For a total of roughly $133.39 

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  1. I love it! So well done. I can't wait to start on ours. Thanks for the inspiration, Michelle!


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