Monday, 12 March 2012

Procrastinators with green thumbs

   Our last post went up so long ago and it showed so much progress that I bet you're wondering why it took us such a long time to update. Unfortunately life got in the way this past week as we both had uncharacteristically busy schedules. Not only did that not bode well for our blog posting but also was a negative for our closet makeover. So we'll have an update on that soon, we are directing our attention back to finishing details in there. 

  In the meantime we were able to score a day off together on Sunday and decided that we were going to try out our green thumbs. Backing it up a bit to last weekend.  My best friend came to my rescue and made a "plant plan" for our front flower beds knowing that I am gardening challenged. So while Zach did some construction on the closet we headed off to Art Knapp. My seeds had been waiting to be planted ever since.  

 Zach picked up some vegetable seeds for his own planting project. 

He was much more calculated with his holes than I was. I sort of winged it and tried a variety of methods from burying to scattering.  

I am not sure how well our seedlings will turn out, we've never done this before so we are hoping that at least some of them survive to be transplanted to our yard this summer. 

Not thrilling stuff I realize, but that is what has been going on with us. We only had the one day off together this week and decided we didn't want to take on any day long projects since we had plans to attend some films at the local film festival. Slacking off is easy to do when you are super busy the other 6 days of the week.

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