Saturday, 3 March 2012

Righting our closet wrongs

It has been a few days, and as fore mentioned we have taken on yet another lofty project. We got started on our closet nook on Wednesday and have been plugging away at it a little each day. Here is the update on our progress...

Warning: the photos you are about to see are disturbing, and should not be considered a reflection of our normal cleanliness. I swear, normally I am a mean cleaning machine. 

I probably should have straightened the closet up before snapping these photos, but you know what, I decided to keep it real. We definitely mistreated our entryway closet, a good indicator that it was time for a makeover.  

So we ditched the nasty doors. All the closet doors in our house are metal and I hate it. Most of them have dents and of course none of them could just be white, instead they had to be a sickly colour. What was happening in home decor 30 years ago? So, even after removing those I felt better.  And yes, that is a discarded reusable shopping bag up on the shelf. And yes, I am ashamed. 

Zach built the base first, this is going to be a little platform under our bench for boxes that we'll store our shoes in (very similar to the ones from our inspiration picture). One of the awesome parts about this project is that we were able to use 2x4s that we already had. My Dad convinced us to keep some of the 2x4s that we had taken out of the wall during demolition. He rarely has a bad idea, so we listened and we're really glad that we did (thanks Dad!). We also already had a sheet of plywood from an earlier project as well. 

Then this happened, Zach built the frame for the bench (using our recycled 2x4s). Clearly we don't want the bench to go anywhere so we made sure we anchored it into studs, and added extra supports for the frame. 

We glued down a piece of plywood, and then secured it with screws to create the bench. 

Leaving us with this! We're currently working on putting up some wainscotting and other decorative trim so that I can slap some primer on everything tonight and paint it tomorrow. We purchased our trim & wainscotting at Windsor Plywood, we find that they are less expensive than retail stores like Home Depot and Rona. 

I am definitely vowing not to neglect this space once it is done. I will not be throwing my reusable bags and leaving them where ever they may land, promise. 

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