Monday, 5 March 2012

Sunday Fun-day.

What did your Sunday look like? Here is what mine looked like...

A day of rest means nothing around here. Zach was back to work yesterday so it was time for me to put my productive wife pants on. I prepared the closet nook for painting, which was made much easier by our new Makita hand sander. The night before, fuelled by espresso, I filled what felt like a hundred holes with wood filler.

If anyone is curious what 11 o clock looks like in the Anderson house hold, there it is. Glamazon. I am surprised my espresso wasn't in these photos because believe me I had it close at hand. 

So I prepped the space for my painting marathon. Which involved basically the usual horrible prepping steps: sanding, tsp-ing, rinsing and taping. Anyone who has ever had the burden  pleasure of painting with me knows that the preparation is by far my least favourite part. But I trudged on. Listening to John Milton's Paradise Lost on i-tunes as I went, people do that right? When school and renos both call at the same time, I answer. 

I didn't take step by steps of this process for 2 reasons, one I was the only one home so no one was here to catch the action shots and two, painting is pretty self-explanatory. I primed areas like the bench & the middle section where the old shelf use to be first. Then I used our left over paint "tuscan beige" from the foyer to paint the inside, and on the trim details & bench I turned to our white go to, "coconut pie". 

Unfortunately the closet is such a beast that it is hard to fit the whole thing into our frame. So we're going to have to get creative with our angles for the final reveal. We still have a cushion to find or sew, hooks to install, and shoe boxes to be made. 

Just for fun lets check out the before shot...

To say the least we are very pleased with this project, and can not wait for all the finishing details to be done so we can have a home for our jackets again.

Oh, and I did have company for most of the day, until my "helper" found something better to do...

"One o-clock Sunday sunbathing and nap? I just CAN'T cancel that again, Mom." 

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