Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dear, do you mind?

While we were catching up on some of our pruning in the backyard, our associate was tackling some pruning in the front yard...

This is the view from our kitchen window, and soon we'll be able to see the deer eating our garden much better when we take out that jail like trellis. As a result we're looking into some plants for the front that are labelled "deer repellent" ( aka, the deer won't eat them). We've been using this site to help us make those and other landscaping decisions. 

This is a pretty common occurrence on our street, we do live in town but we are quite close to some parkland that thankfully remains undeveloped because of its great walking trails & status as a park. So we are anticipating a problem when we put in our new plants, something tells me the deer can't differentiate between pruning season and growing season. 

It is so hard to find good help these days. 

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  1. So cool, lucky for you that you happened upon this cute fella.


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