Friday, 13 April 2012

A Life Post - A Prolonged Easter

We had a close friend come stay with us for a few days, it was such a great distraction from the regular craziness of our lives. But before she came we celebrated Easter with a visit from the Easter Bunny. Yes, he visits adults too you know. 

He brought me a much appreciated yoga mat. I put it to immediate use and did some yoga 101 with my friend Ashley out on the back porch one evening. 

 Zach found some herbs ( dill & oregano) and some chocolates waiting for him on Easter morning. We've been gathering some inspiration via Pinterest for some herb garden ideas, hopefully we'll settle on one soon! I tell ya, that Easter Bunny gets more and more practical with his giving each year.  

We hope that everyone had a great Easter long weekend! Heck, we made our easter holidays almost a week long as we entertained, ate huge meals almost every night and enjoyed a lot of springtime sunshine. 

Also, we also finally got around to editing & publishing our Home Tour page! There is still some updating that needs to be done, especially since our house is always changing but we really love seeing the before and progress shots side by side. Progress feels so good!  ( Oh, that adorable Easter card was made by our friend Ashley, I just can't take it down yet its too cute.)

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