Friday, 4 May 2012

Scaredy Cat

    After posting a little bit about our neighbourhood cat problem, we decided to take advice from Krystal and a few others and order some Contech Scarecrow motion-activated sprinklers. After doing some research we found out that we could buy them at Canadian Tire, however they were $79.99 each there and we wanted two. It was a bit steep for cheap-os like us, so we turned to Ebay as we so often do. And we were able to buy them for $44.00 each! Steal.

About a week after we ordered them they arrived, and we were really excited to try them out.

The assembly was super easy. The instructions were really great and were Madelyn approved. (yes, she does sit on an island stool with me 85% of the time)

Within 15 minutes we were ready to go. The instructions are also really clear on how to set the sprinkler to the spray distance and direction that you want. That way it won't be hitting the house every time it goes off or hitting us when we walk in and out of the front door. 

One of the things that I do not like about the sprinklers is that it has to be hooked up to our hose. The location of the flower bed is not ideal for this system since it requires our hose to be right in the way of our front door.  We are hoping that after a few weeks the cats will be broken of their nasty habit and too fearful to come into the yard and then we can reclaim our entryway & maybe Craigslist one of our sprinklers. 

We made a little video to demonstrate what happens when the sprinkler detects motion. You can watch that here. Unfortunately I was filming in landscape, and when the video made it to our computer and was rotated it was no longer a full screen. Oops, sorry guys!

So here is what we dig about our sprinklers: they don't physically harm any animal like a lot of "pest control" products that contain harmful chemicals. They are safe for our garden, this is especially important in our vegetable garden in the backyard for obvious reasons, like we didn't want to grow our produce in harmful chemicals. Also, the spray can reach out to 13 meters so it doesn't just lightly spray a small area. These sprinklers mean business! 

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