Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Transitioning DIY-ers

People often ask us why we always seem to be starting new projects before we've fully finished some smaller ones.  Well, we don't really have a good answer for that. The truth is we get really tired of doing small projects and our dreams for this house are often so lofty that we end up getting really excited about a new project and move on hastily. 

However lately we have realized that even though the majority of our top floor is done now, it is definitely missing those small finishing touches. So we revisited some of our projects from the past that should've been done a long time ago.  

We purchased, cut and stained our flooring transition strips back around christmas, and they have been sitting in our shop ever since. Huge fail. So before the transition strips, the flooring abruptly changed from hallway to bathroom and looked pretty crappy.  

We used a borrowed compressor gun to make sure that these transitions were not going anywhere. It really was as easy as putting them in place and nailing them down.  Our kind of rainy day project!

There was a small gap between the floor and the transition strip that we filled with caulking. This way every time we clean the floors all the dust bunnies and dirt won't get trapped underneath the strips. 

And just like that we had one of those "why didn't we do this forever ago?" projects under our belt. We did the strip between our hallway and main bathroom and also one in our bedroom en-suite. It's not life altering or anything but we definitely think that by tackling more of the little projects we've been neglecting the upstairs of the house will feel crisper and more complete and then we can move on to the bigger projects that we really want to be doing without any guilt. 

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