Friday, 18 May 2012


We haven't posted in forever! But it isn't for lack of doing things, it is quite the opposite actually. We've been really busy lately, but with non house related projects. The past few weeks have been filled with vintage bike hunting, tax filing, interviews, acceptance phone calls, lawn mowing ( so. much. lawn. mowing) mother spoiling and of course work. So yesterday we decided to strike back out into the back yard and continue our beautification project. 

We found this little tree trying to grow in some of our out of control trailing grass/weeds/I don't know what that mess is. It was located right smack dab in front of you when you walk into our back gate, so we knew we didn't want a tree growing there. We decided instead of junking him (somewhere along the line he became a "he") we would give him a second lease on life else where in our yard. 

When we finally got to the root we found that our little tree had sprouted from a chunk of an old tree trunk. Clearly he is a survivaaaa! So that made our decision to relocate him all that more satisfying.

We chose a location along our neighbouring fence in the back corner. We have great neighbours but because the neighbourhood is built on a pretty steep slope it just so happens that the top of our neighbour's yard is near the top of our fence, so we are definitely lacking some privacy. The soil here was not great, but we figured we'd mix it up with some compost and hope for the best. 

We didn't take a photo, but before plunking our tree into his new resting place we added some Bone Meal to the soil at the bottom of the hole and then filled it with some water. We like to leave our watering can full and in the sun prior to watering, because the fresh cold water can shock the roots of plants. 

We made sure to give him lots of water post transplant.

And voila, a tree where there was no tree before! Admittedly he does look kind of sad, but we have faith and are looking forward to possibly having a tree there one day that we can say we planted. 

and maybe one day he will look like this guy that we have at the other end of the fence! With the long weekend coming up we are looking forward to some sunshine, and maybe even some more planting in the backyard. And I will try my best to not be so tardy with the updates! 

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