Monday, 18 June 2012

Buddy Ol' Pallet

Some may know already about my interest in pallet crafting. It is a sort of strange interest admittedly, but there is something about the idea of using all that free wood and turning it into something full of rustic greatness. If you follow me on Pinterest you definitely know that many of my pins include things one can do with pallets. We all have our vices.  So here is where my pallet lust has led me recently...


We just happen to have a few pallets from when our cabinets arrived that I have been saving for projects. So now that we are spending more and more time outside playing with the puppy, and supervising her as she burns off energy it seemed like a good time to freshen up our patio.

We started out with this gorgeous blank canvas pallet. 

We used hose clamps similar to one of the inspiration photos and drilled them into the pallet with minimal planning of where we wanted the pots to be. We knew we did not want a pattern, and kind of wanted the placement to be sporadic.

Then we dropped the pots into the closed hose clamps, and used the drill to tighten them up.

Then the fun part began, we picked up some fun shade loving plants to complete our little pallet garden wall!

A little greenery later and we're in business! We didn't have a strategy when picking the plants except to choose plants that will do well in the shade since this part of the patio doesn't see much sunlight due to the deck above. So we ended up with some colourful plants, and two herbs (peppermint and cilantro). 

We also picked up a new bistro set from Homesense last week. We had been eyeing this mint beauty up since the beginning of Spring when it first arrived in Homesense, but with a price tag of $179 we decided to wait. When we seen it on sale for $55 last week we were more than happy to bring out our wallets. It has been a nice addition to our new routine, which involves coffee outside while the puppy plays in the backyard. The pallet garden was just finished off this afternoon, but I for one am looking forward to enjoying my morning java out there tomorrow! 

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