Monday, 9 July 2012

A belated Part 2

It was quite a while ago that we started our backyard pathway project, and left it midway to reassess the situation. After the end of day one when we started the project we weren't left with much, I believe last you saw it looked like this...

... and we had a lot of levelling left to do. Well, we did it finally and were ready for the pavers to go back in. 

We built up a third step using the paver stones and then continued on with the original idea of creating a simple, thin path. But this fell short for us, we both agreed that it looked a little bit too simple and sort of like those moving mats in airports. So we thought about it for a little while, which is why we haven't come back with a part 2.

until now.

We picked up four bags of "large stone" from Rona, at $6.94 a bag we weren't complaining. Though it did feel a bit strange paying for ordinary looking stones. 

We dug a trench for our yard edging on either side of the pavers, which had been thinned out at this point so that there was fewer of them with larger gaps in between, much like stepping stones. We already had the black yard edging, so that was a great cost saver. 

After some arduous digging in 37 degree heat, were were ready to pour the rocks in and also a little bit ready to call it quits and hide inside for the rest of the day. 

I am really glad that we seen it through! We've spread some grass seed on either side of the path and are hoping that it will take sooner than later. But in the mean time we are happy with the "river rock" pathway. It looks a bit more purposeful than the simple version, and it also reminds us of the various pathways to private beaches and restaurants that we seen on our honeymoon in Jamaica

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