Thursday, 12 July 2012

Going horizontal

A few months ago I created an inspiration board for our office. The resulting board was very feminine, and this is because I am the one who uses the office the most at the current moment. I go to school full time, and therefore can often be found in this space a lot between September and April of every year. So with that in mind the inspiration board ended up looking like this...

Home Office

But I decided that it wasn't fair to make the office such a purple haven and was planning on revamping my plan for a "co-ed" office if you will. That never happened. After being accepted into a new program  for this upcoming fall semester I was feeling some apprehension about going back to school. The fear of the unknown has its grip on me. So Zach sweetly let me know that he had no problem with me claiming the office as a feminine den for the next few school years, as I would need a room that I actually wanted to be in. #greathusband!

I would have never guessed that the first step to changing our blah office would involve an old exterior door and four banister posts, but that is exactly where we started. On a trip to the Re-Store we found this great exterior door for $30 and an idea was born right there in the store. This door had seen the last of its vertical days, it was going horizontal and becoming a fabulous new desk. The bannister posts were 50% off and only cost us $15 each, which we felt was an amazing deal after the amount we paid at Rona for our bannister posts for the railing in the foyer.

The door & the legs were trimmed down to size. We did some research on the average height of an office desk, and found out that the one we had been using was 2 inches shorter than the norm at 29 inches. Which might explain why I found it such a pain in the back (literally) to spend extended amounts of time at the desk. So we brought the height up to 30 inches, because 31 ended up being a wee bit too tall for me to sit at comfortably.

Speak of the old desk, while disassembling the room to make way for the new desk I realized I hadn't shot any "before" photos and quickly took a picture mid chaos. Really not a good representation since I normally didn't keep all my books on the floor scattered like so, but it gives you an idea of the boring generic desk we had. 

We knew our best bet was to assemble the desk in the room. So we propped it up while it awaited its new legs.

We were sure to use some hefty screws to keep the legs in place. This step required a lot of levelling and adjusting but we really didn't want to have to re-do any steps in the end so we took extra care to get it just right.

Then came the necessary finishing steps, we filled the screw holes with wood filler and any other nicks that may have escaped the palm sander treatment that happened earlier outside.

Then I gave this beauty a fresh coat of paint! Of course it was "coconut pie" white left overs from other projects. That paint has never let me down, and since it would be free for this project I couldn't say no. 

Two coats later this is what we ended up with. I personally love it, and all the photos I took did it zero justice. In person it is so grand as it stretches about 7 feet across, lots of room for two people to be working at the same time. Also in person it looks really ornate, the gold really pops and the detail on the legs is really great. Definitely a must see in person for the full effect!

The office is still under work, but this desk goes a long way in transforming it in my opinion. I also picked a little something up from the Restore to help with the loss of storage we knew we'd experience by switching to this desk. I'll have some more updates on that soon!

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