Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Behind Door One...

We have been working hard to take care of some finishing projects upstairs, things that will make our house a little less blah and a little more custom to us. And custom is definitely the name of the game when it comes to the doors throughout the main floor of our home. They are all 8 foot doors, which in short means that they go right to the ceiling and look extra skinny and extra awkward. Replacing them would come with a huge price tag since we would have to pay for the extra height on top of any interesting design elements. 

See what I mean? Sort of goofy, and yes the tape residue "E" doesn't help. The sad part is that I have lived with that "E" for a year now and have never made any attempts to remove it. Pretty embarrassing, but I knew if I removed it before taking these photos I would be a huge phoney. Anyways, after some "research" on Pinterest we decided that we would attempt a DIY custom door project.  

We figured out a pattern for the front of our door and went out to purchase our trim. We like to buy our trim from a contractor store instead of places like Rona or Home Depot because it is always less expensive and the employees are really knowledgeable and helpful. After making sure our rectangles were square and even, we started making our cuts on the mitre saw. 

We made 45 degree angle cuts so that the corners of the rectangles would fit together nicely. We had some experiences that really drove home the measure twice, cut once mantra. Oops! 

We used a Brad nailer to secure our trim rectangles so that they wouldn't be budging anytime soon. After this we used wood filler to fill the corner joins and the tiny nail holes in preparation to paint. In true Anderson fashion we were up later than we should've been painting in our pyjamas (hence the lack of photos, some things are better left unseen) 

After seeing how amazing our new door looked we knew we couldn't put the old door handle back on, it physically pained me to even imagine doing that. So we picked out some new handles that we felt would be in keeping with the tallness of our doors. We also went for a push down style out of the simple convenience of being able to hit it with your elbow when you have a basket full of laundry, etc.  

After it was all said and done our repurposed door looks like this! We are smitten, I actually "holla" about it every time I walk down the hall and see it. It was a great way to dress up our awkward doors and make them look custom and unique. We have all the trim ready to do 4 more, and even though I am dreading all the painting that awaits me I am pretty sure I can suck it up, strap on my candy cane pyjamas and get it done if it means that all my doors will look this lovely.  Lets check out a before and after, shall we? 

That's plenty of motivation for me to get the others done! 

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