Monday, 17 September 2012

Finally a tile update!

   Last post was about our first tiling adventure, or rather the steps leading up to it.  Before we went to grout we realized that something just wasn't right down there, and while we were able to pin point a couple things that we felt were throwing us off, we decided it was the wood panelling wall. 

It just had to go. We've encountered a similar situation in our main bathroom, and decided to meet it with a coat of paint instead of tearing it all down. It really worked for us in the bathroom, the wall adds some visual interest to an otherwise 'blah' room. So we decided for right now we'd see how we felt after a coat of paint. Our logic was that it would be easier to tear it down if we still hated it then it would be to tear it down, miss it and want it back up. 

 Most painting projects around here seem to get done when Zach is at work, probably because it is one of the few tasks that I feel comfortable with tackling solo. We knew it would probably be easier to paint before we laid the grout, so we removed all the tiles after we marked where they would go. Then I got down to business priming and painting.

In true cheap-o fashion we decided to paint with a colour we already had, so out came the "pecan sandy" paint can from the upstairs living room. We agreed that the sandy beige was neutral enough that it wouldn't compete with our tiles, and it would transition nicely into whatever colour we decide for the joining rooms.  Painting panelling it not for the impatient (ie: myself), unlike painting a wall it required using the roller and then cutting into all the joining boards with a smaller paint brush.

Unfortunately the bottom of our stairs is an extremely dark place, so I apologize for the questionable photo quality. Overall I was fairly happy with the paint job, but quickly realized that the trim around the door would need to be painted to match! We've been chit chatting about changing up the trim anyways, so I decided to put the paint away until we make that decision. I would hate to paint just to tear it all down. 

Also, the tiles are grouted in! We have yet to seal them and make them look nice and glossy clean since this requires the floor to sit for at least 24 hours without anyone walking on it, and with our pets around that just isn't a guarantee. So we're planning on sealing that when the pets are away so we can make sure there will be no accidents with little paws. 

The tiles are a fun change, we're working on cleaning up the grout and can't wait to seal it so that dust and dirt won't settle in the cracks. In the meantime we're tackling some pretty big projects upstairs and down all while trying to beat the snow and cold! 

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