Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pallet Palace?

 After taking a break from the blog and then trying to jump back in, it made me realize how much tidier I was keeping everything around here when I was constantly taking photos to share with the webosphere. We definitely need to update our "House Tour" page because there have been some great changes to many of the rooms, so I plan to tackle some tidying and get that done soon. Even though we are always tinkering with projects on the top floor of our house, we have spent the last few months renovating our basement - and let me tell you, it has been a journey.  

Recently Zach came to me and asked me if I was willing to "share" my office with him, which I thought was a ridiculous question because I had always considered it our office anyways and thought we were sharing it. Seeing an opportunity to be a great wife I told him that he could OF COURSE share my office with me. That was until I found out the kind of technology this sharing would entail, and then I sweetly suggested that we find him his own space - and we did! The problem was that it looked like this...

Our workshop is in the basement and can usually be found under a cloud of sawdust and piles of tools. It has been the perfect space for us to store all of our renovation paraphernalia, especially when we were in the thick of it. But now that our tasks are getting smaller and smaller we have been talking about turning this very rough space into another room, taking our house from being a 3 bedroom into being a 4 bedroom. That is the ultimate goal. However, Zach needed his office space ASAP as his new computer system was being custom built and was on its way from Chicago. So we knew we had no time to empty the room, insulate the way we want, re-wire, drywall and lay floors among other things. We also would have no other space for our crazy projects and our tools, so we still had to keep this room half workshop for now. We had to get creative. 

We knew we needed to tear out some of the homemade cabinets that the previous owner had built in order to create an office nook. What we did not know was what it would look like behind the cabinets. 

It wasn't good. It wasn't zen. It wasn't going to work. So feeling the pressure to make a decision in order to move Zach in right away, I did what any logical person facing a creative task does. I turned to Pinterest. I revisited my love of repurposing pallets. After perusing some pallet wall images, we decided that it was a very affordable (free!) option for a temporary solution.  So we checked kijiji for some free pallets, and away we went. 

Pinterest failed to tell me how back breaking it is to take pallets apart. It is extremely difficult! We brought in the big guns. 

At the end of the day we were exhausted, but also had a wealth of rustic boards. 

We definitely needed to take a breather before moving onto the install process. Seriously, never try to take apart pallets without power tools. There are more nails then you've ever seen in your life and they do NOT want to come out of those boards. We just hope the end result will be worth all of the sweat, time and emotional turmoil. ( It WAS that bad, you weren't there.) 

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