Wednesday, 1 May 2013

We're Back!

  September to May? Clearly we've been neglecting our blog baby, but the good news it that the neglect of the blog came at the cost of  rectifying some serious self neglecting we were doing. Now that we are both feeling a bit rejuvenated we have decided that it is blog-o-clock again. So where have we been for the past few months and what the heck have we been doing? Lets play a little bit of catch up.

  Since September began I've been ridiculously busy with school. I knew that this new education program would be a change of pace for me but I was not fully prepared for the craziness that would be my life as soon as September began. So instead of being a carpentry co-pilot I was doing a lot more of this... 

and it was pretty great and rewarding, but exhausting as most great and rewarding things are. Also, our new fur baby that we welcomed into our lives last summer (read more about that here) went from looking like this...

to looking like this....

We've loved watching her grow and having her settle perfectly into our family, it has really challenged us to spend more time being active with her and less time focusing on and completing house projects. She has contributed greatly to some "fun" backyard developments for us. Especially this year as the snow melted and she discovered the soft muddy earth and how functional it was for hiding bones and other tasty treats that were bound to be stolen if not buried. 

Zach traded in his hammer, nail gun and other power tools for stock trading books and online courses. So as he pursued a long time dream of his our lofty dreams for our home fell to the back burner. In the interest of keeping our sanity, maintaining our family and trying to sleep every once and a while we knew we could not blog as often. 

However, school is now out for me and I have made the decision to throw in a few of the many hats I've been wearing lately and to get back to doing things that I enjoy, at least for the next 4 months of summer holidays. I realized that writing and maintaining this little blog fell nicely into the category of things I enjoy doing. We both agreed that sharing our projects is a really fun part of the process, it motivates us to get them done and it also has been a fun way to archive our journey as home owners. So with that all said, we are back to labouring and loving! 

We never completely stopped renovating, we simply stopped photographing every step and writing posts for our family and friends to read. So we definitely have some things to catch up on and a few projects to reveal, which I promise to do before another 9 months goes by. 

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to see your photos of projects and canine adventures.


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