Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Rustic, meet Technology.

 After our pallet deconstruction battle we took some time to regenerate, but were finally ready to move forward with the project. Especially because we both recognized that with a computer system on the way, time was of the essence. So with our table saw we measured and cut down our reclaimed pallet wood pieces and methodically attached them to the wall space using our nail gun.

It was kind of fun to see the concrete and warped 2 x 4s slowly disappear behind the rustic wood, and soon we had a full wall.

Thankfully we recouped from the pallet deconstruction, and continued forward with our pallet wall office nook for Zach just in time for his computer to arrive from Chicago.

While it certainly is far from beautiful and ideal, it serves a very important function and is definitely more comfortable then the way it was prior to the pallet wall. Our workshop needs to come a lot further, but we definitely recognize that it is not one of our top priorities and we knew that we didn't want to sink our teeth into it fully right now. We have big plans for it some day, and having this system and a semi designated area for Zach to trade will go a long way in helping us save up for those plans.

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