Monday, 8 July 2013

How much for that window in the...window?

    Last fall we recognized that we really needed new windows. Okay, in all honesty it was probably the winter before last fall when we were blow drying plastic covering kits onto the windows that we realized we really needed new windows. After some outrageous quotes that scared us into thinking we'd be wearing five layers indoors every winter, we were tipped off about a local wholesale window supplier. Instead of purchasing our windows through a contractor who would then mark up the costs, we could buy our custom sized windows right from the source. However, this left us with no one to install them. But as fate would have it we ran into an old friend a few weekends later who was now a full time carpenter and was willing to work for cash to install our windows. Score!

   So that is exactly what we did, rushing against September and early October weather we plunged into the project eagerly. There is little organization to the photos I did manage to snap. I had just returned to school around this time and was extremely busy adjusting to the new program I was in. But I did manage to find the time to get in on the power tool action and help remove the old windows...

 For a while things were pretty scary around here while we went on with our lives during the day and found time in the evenings when our carpenter was available to demo and install. This was a normal scene for a bit.

Replacing the windows was a cosmetic choice, but beyond that it really was an economical one as well. The energy and heat that we would save by replacing the windows was really important to us. The province also has some really great rebates available for these kinds of upgrades, if you get all the appropriate paper work in place.

In early October we had some pretty large holes in the side of our house, obviously never longer than a day, but things certainly became chillier before they became warmer. And our neighbours probably thought our slow going one window at a time method was madness (I know I did!) 

 In the end it was very worth it. We saved a TON of money, and our windows went from being drafty, ugly and unsafe to being air tight, fresh and secure. In total we replaced 8 windows throughout the house.

We knew that we wanted to replace the siding on the house one day, so we added the plank border to the window that would go with the new siding, when that day did come. Unfortunately because of this there is a slight gaping around the window's new border and the existing siding. This is only a cosmetic issue, and does not effect the efficiency of the windows in any way. Looking into our siding options is definitely on our very long to do list, but until then we are happy to live with our new windows just the way they are!

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  1. I am in the same situation. My house is in need of a window replacement we are probably going to save money if we put the new ones in because our current windows are so bad! Thanks for the post!


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